We manufacture Grade 1 shaving soaps and luxury shaving brushes.

  • We use virgin oils

    We only use virgin versions of oils in our shaving soaps. Although virgin oils are phenomenally more expensive than refined oils, we believe that the benefit to our customers, in terms of the ease of lathering as well as the moisturized post-shave feel, is worth it.

  • Grade 1 classification

    In order for a shaving soap to be considered Grade 1, the total oil (fatty matter) content or TFM must exceed 75%. Our shaving soaps exceed this requirement.

  • We do not use surfactants

    Unlike other shaving soaps and creams, the volume in our lather does not come from surfactants (SLS and SLES).

    It comes from years of effort in research and development to come up with the perfect lather generating combination of natural oils.