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Handmade Shaving Soap - White Dunes (80 Grams)

Handmade Shaving Soap - White Dunes (80 Grams)

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80 grams of our luxurious natural oil based shaving soap. It should last you around 8 months if you shave everyday.

  • Classified as a 'Grade 1' Shaving Soap with its Total Fatty Matter well exceeding the 75% requirement.
  • Shaving Soaps on average last three times longer than Shaving Creams and are much easier to lather with
  • Yields luxurious, voluminous, slick and moisturizing lather with a fragrance that evokes an intoxicating feeling of standing in a desert of beautiful white sand. It has notes of cranberry, lemon, orange and jasmine.
  • The soap is primarily made of coconut oil, shea butter and glycerin, all fantastic moisturizing agents for softening your beard for that closer shave.
  • Reputed for its unbeatable post-shave feel
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